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As a company of nearly 900 employees across the U.S. and around the World, keeping employees engaged and maintaining the lines of two-way communication open can be a challenge. This blog sprung out of that challenge, but we realized that this blog could also provide potential employees and others interested in Phacil with a glimpse into what we’re up to. The Phacilitator is meant to be fluid with continual updates as noteworthy things arise.

It is our hope that Phacilitator Blog readers will find the articles informative and engaging. We invite interested employees to author an article relative to their area of expertise. Plus, all articles are open for comment. We want to know what’s on your mind!

Recognizing Employee Anniversaries

Phacil recognizes hard work and dedication. Thank you for your years of service at Phacil! Happy 11-Year Anniversary to Ebony Ross-Wilkins! Happy Nine-Year Anniversary to Gene Mooty and Mark Schloesser! Happy Eight-Year Anniversary to Harry Bartel, Russell Gaer, Tim Noel,

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Employee Excellence

A Phacil Team in Maryland Employees on a contract in Maryland were awarded for their exceptional execution over the last few months. Marny Griffin was awarded “Outstanding Employee of the Month” for her hard work in creating and modifying KBAs.

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This summer, Phacil employees at headquarters participated in an hour-long boxing class. Rather than one to one matches, the activity focused on a typical boxing warm-up, punching bag workout, and floor work and toning exercises. It proved to be a

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Volunteers at Phacil

Ed Palmer has been a volunteer police officer for the city of Cocoa, FL for about a year now. The volunteer police officers are not allowed to carry a weapon, but they do have to go through driver training, traffic

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Phacil's Core Services

As a technology services company, it is essential that Phacil strengthens and grows a portfolio of offerings that align with our customers’ current and future technology needs. Over the past few years, we have developed a set of four service

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