Employees Executing Ferociously

20 Oct

A Phacil Team in Maryland
Employees on a contract in Maryland were awarded for their exceptional execution over the last few months. Marny Griffin was awarded “Outstanding Employee of the Month” for her hard work in creating and modifying KBAs. Kiana Beshir received “Employee of the Month” for her QA work and number of calls handled. Daren Turner received an “Employee Appreciation Award” for his assistance with training new employees and ticket quality. The aforementioned individuals are pictured here with their Team Leads.

Employees Executing Ferociously

L to R: Latasha Bey (Team Lead), Marny Griffin (KBA Admin), Richard Honesty (Project Lead), Kiana Beshir (Analyst), Daren Turner (Analyst), Jamal Colbert (Team Lead)

Employees Executing Ferociously

Marny Griffin

Marny Griffin in Maryland
I am writing this letter to commend Marny Griffin for her clear assistance and insightful recommendations. As a newer employee, navigating an agency of this size can be daunting. Miss Griffin’s professional style and knowledgeable approach helped to educate me, while making the agency feel more personable than ever. Additionally, instead of sending me back to my desk to figure out how to do something on my own, she gave me cogent direction and an opportunity to resolve an outstanding issue right there at her desk.

This level of service and attention to detail is not found in bulk. [The agency] is fortunate to have someone of her caliber.

Unnamed US Agency, Statistician

Daren Turner

Daren Turner

Daren Turner in Maryland
“I called the help desk this morning and Mr. Turner assisted me. He was an excellent customer service rep. He walked me thru the process of re-setting my pin and made sure I was satisfied with the results. Mr. Turner was very professional, courteous and patient. I have been at the Bureau for six years and my experience this morning was the most satisfying and quickest I have ever had calling the help desk. Kudos to Mr. Turner.”
Unnamed US Agency, Contracting Officer’s Representative

Geoffrey Fang

Geoffrey Fang

Geoffrey Fang in Arizona
“I just wanted to say how amazing Geoff has been. From one contractor to another, I know he just started, but he picked it up right from the beginning and is an amazing asset to us and the [unnamed] team. If you can, give him a spot award or anything, that would be great! Again, thanks for hiring him as good AD people are hard to come by. If you lose him, let me know and I will pick him up. Thank you so much for the continuing amazing support!”
Unnamed US Government Agency Contractor for Information Technology Field Operations

Omar Ahmed in Virginia
“This is to express my thanks and appreciation for the assistance Mr. Omar Ahmed provided using his knowledge on SharePoint to guide me through the fixing and activating of a SharePoint template. To his credit, it only took Mr. Ahmed 5 minutes to help me fix the template. The template is used in the creation of every GAO audit record and the fix has resulted in a savings of 5 minutes/record. Given that we process an average of 220 new GAO cases a year, this little fix amounts to an annual savings of 18.33 hours we can now use elsewhere in the performance of our duties.”
Unnamed US Government Agency Chief, GAO Affairs Division

Employee of Q3 2016

Sonny Avilez

Employee of the Quarter for a Government Agency Service Desk Contract in Arizona
Employees of the Quarter are based on peer recognition. Service Desk team leads review nominations submitted. Then consensus is reached across all eligible candidates. The 3rd Quarter winner of 2016 is Sonny Avilez! Sonny works tirelessly day in and day out at his regularly assigned duties, as well as a multitude of special team tasks given to him. His diligence in performing those duties, as well as his knowledge base, allow him to multi-task and accomplish said tasks like a champ. Sonny is a constant contributor to team efforts in light of the myriad of other tasks he is given.

Ramon Lopez, Dayne Chastant and Ivan Irigoyen – Employees of the Month for a Government Agency Service Desk Contract in Arizona
Employees of the Month are 100% based on performance stats. These awards are presented to the individuals who have the highest combined score for the month across Average Handle Time, Customer Survey Scores, Quality Assurance Scores and Adherence to Schedule. In the event of a tiebreaker, the individual who has volunteered to provide coverage for a co-worker is selected.

Ramon Executing Ferociously

Ramon Lopez (August)

Dayne Executing Ferociously

Dayne Chastant (September)

Ivan Executing Ferociously

Ivan Irigoyen (October & November)

A Phacil Team in Virginia
“As I am sure you are aware, the power outage in our Data Center that occurred on July 21 was one of the most significant IT emergencies we have ever faced at [unnamed US government agency]. We recovered from the incident and were able to restore our critical IT systems and services in large part because of the dedicated individuals who put their personal lives on hold, forewent sleep, and remained engaged until the job was done. I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank you, your team, and Phacil for the incredible support you provided to [the unnamed agency]. In particular, I would like to extend my thanks to the following staff from Phacil who were critical to the successful restoration of services on Sunday, July 24:
Bashir Shaikh, Girish Kumar, Philip Mannino, Stanley Harris, David Schuler, Huy Le, Raj Lakamsani, Tom Willingham, David T. Lien, Patrick Williams, Ronald Rohrbach, Ward Qualls, Bruce Liu, Mike Islek, Richard Sahadoe Vendkata Gudeli, Carlos Torres, Naveen Kodakandla, Robert Maxey, Vijay Peddanna, Chris Easterberg, Navin Singh, Ryan Smith, Zia Ansari, Eric Tyson, Nirav Bhatt, Sathish Jayapalan, Mearns Fuller, Hussnain Fazal, Pattijean Pettit, Shang Huang, Jimmy Paratore, James Jefferson, Philip Metzger, Shervin Saffari, Steve Riddle, Jorge Gomez, Prashanth Shetty. Son Nguyen, Jose Orellana. Rasheed Khrais, Srinivasa Antham”
Unnamed US Agency, Office Head in the Office of Information and Resource Management

Theresa Fleming

Theresa Fleming

Theresa Fleming in Maryland
“I will like to express my most sincere gratitude for the services that Theresa Fleming provides. Theresa’s customer service is excellent. Theresa’s knowledge and reports have allowed the Help Desk to realize our potential and improve in some metrics and develop a plan for improvement in other areas. Theresa has been flexible and accommodating some modification to the reports she provided me with. She has always been willing to listen to my needs and tailor reports that fit my team. I am very grateful of the service she provides. I just want to let you know my perception and the value she has for me and my team.”
Unnamed US Agency, Team Lead

Ronnie Rohrbach

Ron Rohrbach

Ron Rohrbach in Virginia
“We are 98% complete on the DNS refresh project, having cutover our internal DNS and DHCP services. The internal network was Ron’s main project focus… Ron was the bedrock of the project. The former DNS, DHCP infrastructure was complex, used a handful of tools, and there were some minor issues with certain configurations. The internal implementation was more important than the external implementation because any errors in the internal would be immediately apparent and be raised to a very high level. Ron got that all cleaned up by implementing the Infoblox appliances for the internal network, a blur of names and numbers that we have detected no mistakes in. What I appreciate about Ron is:
– His candid approach providing feedback and raising issues.
– His strong initiative. Ron was always ahead of schedule, and cheering us on.
– Ron’s commitment to project success.
…If it hadn’t been for Ron’s input, I would not have made the decision that I did and we may not have experienced the big success we are now enjoying.
– Ron communicates in brief, easy to understand emails and conversations. I greatly appreciated his clear concise style.”
Unnamed US Agency, Division of Information Systems

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