Ed Palmer, Volunteer Police Officer

8 Sep

Ed Palmer has been a volunteer police officer for the city of Cocoa, FL for about a year now. The volunteer police officers are not allowed to carry a weapon, but they do have to go through driver training, traffic control and radio use training. We do patrol neighborhoods with our vehicles just to make a presence known to the community. Volunteer police officers do not have any arrest authority, but they do have radios and if they see some criminal activity or a citizen needs help they call for an armed officer. The volunteer police officers block off streets and direct traffic for a variety of events around Cocoa. In addition, they have a portable Lemonade stand (trailer) that they move around to support community events. While at the event they may cook hot dogs, hamburgers, make snow cones and pop popcorn and give it free to the public. Ed has been to and assisted in many of these events over the past year. In fact, Ed supported the 4th of July fireworks in Cocoa at Riverside Park this year. The volunteer police officers are provided with a uniform, training and have vehicles to patrol areas with.

Recently Ed was awarded with the VCOP of the Quarter for the second quarter of 2016. Ed enjoys working with these officers and helping them with some things that will free them up to be out catching the bad guys. Besides, they are on the front line here at home and need all the support they can get.

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